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Kamal Kishore Goundar

Kamal Kishore Goundar

Chairman & Co-Founder

• Welcome to the Nagomi Medicare website. We are pleased to provide information to you about our organization, services and responsibilities. We hope you are easily able to find all the information you want to know about Nagomi Medicare with a multitude of links to answer your emergency care needs.

• Nagomi Medicare is an extraordinary organization, with an extraordinary staff, that provides extraordinary services and care. We all strive to achieve our mission: To provide extraordinary medical emergency healthcare to those we serve by people who care

• We combine the best technology, facilities, human resources and excellent emergency care services with the extraordinary hospitality, respect and dignity. We always strive to provide patient-centered care in an emergency environment. We have set three goals that are continually in front of our staff , which is their obligation to deliver:

– To provide excellent care to our patients and their families
– To be an excellent organization to work for
– To provide our co-partners and clients an excellent organization and                           environment in which to engage and collaborate with

• Nagomi Medicare is a place full of fun and comfort. Nagomi Medicare is a place where guests are welcome. They can view the office and enjoy refreshments with our staffs.

• We are available 24/7 – every day of the year and are ‘there for you when you need us most’. When faced with a medical emergency either at home, abroad, have a loved one who needs transferring from A-to-B with medical supervision, or simply need advice – we’re here to help you through what can seem like an overwhelming ordeal and are just a phone call away.

• Whatever your medical transportation problem or emergency situation may be, we will always go that extra mile to get you there safely and with peace of mind.

• I welcome you to Nagomi Medicare as a visitor, patient, applicant or an interested party. I hope your experience with us is very positive. As you explore our website, don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our staff with questions or comments.

Best Regards,
Kamal Kishore Goundar,
Chairman & Co-Founder

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Makoto Noguchi

Makoto Noguchi

Japan Partner & Co-Founder

• Greetings and a warm Welcome from Japan to you for visiting our “Nagomi“” Website. Our company name “NAGOMI” is very unique and is written in Japanese      characteristics as 『和』.
• Nagomi 『和』 in Japanese language means to feel comfort, calmness and relaxation. When we provide our service we always ensure that every single individual patient including their family members feels comfort, calmness and relax despite how serious/critical the situation could be. We are always trying to “provide a service that makes all patients feel at ease, relieves pain, and gives them peace of mind.”
• After consulting with my other partners, we finally decided to name our company as “Nagomi” so that patients can experience our comfortable service and true feelings towards them. We will always stick to the Patient-First Principle, think about further improvement of services, impress patients and their families, and aim to be a company
that can be relied on when the local people are in need/trouble.
• We will and shall be always stand together to deliver the best “Nagomi” service to impress and satisfy our clients/customers. We are also committed to support and built the dreams and colorful lifestyles for employees and their families.And we shall continue to contribute to society to build a more friendly and futuristic relationship between Malaysia and Japan.
• We believe in that it is the mission Gods has given to us “Nagomi” 『和』.

Best Regards,
Makoto Noguchi,
Japan Partner & Co-Founder

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