By establishing a successful Ambulance Service business that satisfies our clients needs & generating positive cash flow will assist our businesses in other ventures.

We shall utilize the network already established in Japan through our Japanese business partner (Mr. Noguchi) to source good quality vehicles directly from Japan.

Dr.Varathan (CEO and Co-founder) shall utilize his network already established in Malaysia to secure potential clients. He shall secure contracts with some of the major hospitals in Malaysia –SJMC, Pantai Hospitals, Petronas, Prince Court, Park City Medical.

With a number of existing Major Hospitals connections around the country , Dr Varathan already has a nationwide presence that can be incorporated into the start-up Ambulance Services as A Point Of Contact of the company.

Kamal (Chairman and Co-founder) shall engage and contribute the expert knowledge needed to maintain the fleets while providing the very best level of care together with the most cost-efficient transport service to all patients from, or wherever they need to be transferred to , whatever their medical requirements maybe.

All our staff are always proud to be of service and offer a service to be proud of. They all are always committed and wish to provide a level of service parallel to non.

Service Overview

Emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital and out-of-hospital patient care and transport

inter-hospital patient transport including the movement of critical patients

specialized rescue services

the ambulance component of multi-casualty events

the community’s capacity to respond to emergencies.

Roles and Responsibilities

We shall be involved in providing services for ambulance events.

We shall serve as an integral part of the health system.

We shall include the assessment and management of patients with minor illnesses and injuries to avoid transport to hospital.

We are dedicated and shall be providing the highest standards of medical transportation
via private road ambulance, air ambulance, or medical escort on commercial flights.

We shall continuously endeavour to provide the best, ‘around the clock’ high-quality
service for the best value.

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